Why face to face B2B & B2C and B2M Events still matter…

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May 24, 2019

Why face to face B2B & B2C and B2M Events still matter and why meeting your target influencers, existing and potential customers in person enhances your commercial objectives.

In today’s social media-focused economy, it’s becoming the norm to have more and more virtual business relationships with people without seeing them or speaking to them in person. The reality is that we can communicate, view, evaluate and order most things without recourse to physical contact

In this environment, you might suppose that there’s no longer much need to meet face to face, well you’d be wrong.

Recent research studies from Harvard & Oxford University which analysed prevailing trends found in person events are better than virtual events by an incredible factor of 75% as they capture attendees’ attention in a far more tangible and consequential way, creating positive emotions and building relationships & networks that have depth.

To Capture attention –  especially if you are launching something new. Attendees at virtual events are more likely to multitask and filter certain information out. At face to events you can work your magic on what is in effect a captive audience.

To inspire a positive emotional reaction. An event that involves interacting with other people in the flesh creates a positive emotional experience. Those positive emotions become attached to the companies involved in the event, as well as contributing to make attendees more open to new experiences. We can achieve better communication through use of facial expressions and body language. The reactions are instant occurring in real time. It is also easier to express humour in person which provides another rod of depth to new or fledgling relationships.

To build networks and relationships. There is a clear distinction between sharing information—which can easily be done virtually—and creating networks or relationships, which still requires in-person human interaction. Relationships forged in person are stronger. It shows that you are making a sincere effort & devoting time to develop face to face contact and by so doing attach value to it  Trust is built more effectively face-to-face.

Remember people are always more likely to buy people they like long before they ever invest in their products or services.

Trust is everything and if you invest creating face to face experiences through the medium of events you automatically create a more tangible critical advantage for your business.

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